Emma Jane Maternity Tights Review

2 April 2012

It can be really hard to find comfort in pregnancy, and sometimes finding both comfort and style can be downright challenging. With my first pregnancy I was lucky, in a sense as I was heavily pregnant through the height of summer, and what to wear wasn’t such a huge issue – I could be comfortable in an A-line dress and flip flops.  During this pregnancy, however, most of my ‘large’ stage has been in the very dead of winter. And I have found it very hard to stay warm, and comfortable, and still look half decent on top of it!

Finding a decent pair of tights to go with the ever expanding middle has been a challenge too. If they fit in the leg, they’re too small in the waist, and I’ve torn more than a pair of tights trying to hike them up over the bump, so I was really pleased to find Emma Jane’s Maternity Tights.

They are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses – deniers, as that’s called in stocking world – and I tried a pair of 60 Denier tights as I was going for added warmth.

There are a few things worth mentioning about these. Firstly, they’re pretty hardy and I despite my awkward dressing routine, sitting, then standing, and sometimes needing hubby to help put things over my feet if I couldn’t reach due to one or other pregnancy ailment, these never laddered or ripped. My toe nails have been a bit longer than was probably acceptable, and the toes haven’t developed holes. The gusset expands with your belly, and they’re a fantastic length: I haven’t had to hike these up every so often to get the crotch back to crotch height…. Yes, you tall lady at the back there, you know what I mean, don’t you!

The final thing that impressed about these tights is how long they’ve lasted. Perhaps it’s because they are a thicker variety than normal tights, but they’ve not snagged in the wash, they’ve not torn under increased growth, and they’ve been perfect for wearing under trousers or skirts and have even helped keep me warm.

Well worth the money, I recommend these to any pregnant mums out there!

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