By Carla Mum And Baby Support Pillow

2 February 2012

I’ve been using the By Carla Mum And Baby Support Pillow in bed at night since around 25 weeks pregnant, and it is my constant bed time companion.

This is a pillow I can melt into. It is firm, but not rigid, and despite looking quite ‘solid’ in the pictures, it moulds into your body in a way that gives fantastic support.

It is quite a long pillow, which means that I can cuddle into it with my arms, but still have it between my knees, which is really helpful in keeping me on my left side as I tend to end up on my back through the night, otherwise.

Another exceptionally useful function is as bump protector – my toddler still ends up in my bed most of the night and performs a perfect windmill, often resulting in blows to my anatomy. With the By Carla Support Pillow firmly in place, the blows never come near me.

This pregnancy support pillow comes with a removable cover, and in a particularly forward thinking move, they’ve included a second cover, so while one’s washing and drying, the other can be in use and the pillow protected.

It also comes in a reusable zipped bag, so you can travel with your pillow, or store it when it’s not in use.

I’ve not used it as a breastfeeding or bottlefeeding support cushion yet, but it is firm enough that you could put your baby on it to protect them, and I think it would be perfect for letting them lie on too, belly on the pillow, to roll out wind and trapped air. I did that with my daughter  a lot but on a square pillow folded in half, so this is pretty perfect.

The covers are funky and the pillow is fantastic quality. I highly recommend this as a pregnancy sleep improvement strategy.

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