Wilko Blox Drawstring Playmat Carry Bag £6 (was £10, then £8) @ Wilko

Wilko Blox Drawstring Playmat Carry Bag

Did you kids get a bunch of Lego this Christmas? If you're already struggling to keep it all tidy and out from under everyone's feet this could be the answer. Wilko are selling a Wilko Blox Drawstring Playmat Carry Bag that acts as both a play mat and a storage bag in one. It's currently on offer at just £6, down from an original price of £10.

This is a handy circular mat that kids can play with their Lego or Blox on, so that clearing up takes seconds! When they have finished building you can just pull the drawstring and the mat becomes a carry bag / storage bag to keep everything in one place.

Click and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs from £4.

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  • Victoria C.

    these would b fab for the lol stuff

  • Pamela W.

    what a fab idea :clap_tone3:

  • Tracey M.

    I seen this love I'm def gonna order one haha xxx

  • Alan C.

    Just weaponised Lego. That’ll be used like a trebuchet

  • Niomi M.

    we would need a couple lol

  • Trea M.

    We have 3 of these - great job!

  • Carla P.

    Only works if the cherubs keep it in the bag rather than chucking it all over the bloody floor! #mykidsandlegoareanightmare

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