Best LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Black Friday Deals UK 2019

It's very popular with Potter fans...
Best LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Black Friday Deals UK 2019

There's no escaping the fact that LEGO Harry Potter is going to be big news this Christmas. If you don't want to pay £££'s for the Great Hall, then snap up the LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus during Black Friday instead. See where to find it in the UK, right here...

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LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus

The LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus 75957 is a 403 piece set, that makes a three level bus toy when built. It features a hinged opening side panel, removable roof and a movable sliding bed, plus a swinging chandelier.

Highly collectable LEGO Minifigures of Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang are included along with accessories such as the cheeky shrunken head and Harry Potter's chest containing a wand, letter, chocolate bar and potion bottle.

This set is recommended for children aged 8 years old and above.

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  • Nicola D.

    That’s the one I was talking about yesterday. Have it reserved.

    • Deborah S.

      meaning now I know what I’m collecting :joy:

      • Julian P.

        This is on Abigail want list!!

        • Kerry H.

          Katie’s being eyeing it up as well.x

          • Gemma R.

            Oh well I’m happy to buy it for her for Christmas!x

            • Rhys H.

              £24 is actually a bargain

              • Debbie W.

                Thank you! Already bought though :joy:

                • LM S.

                  Aww thanx julie but hes got this one x