Find The Best Deals On Lego Sets Including Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars and Lego Ninjago

Lowest prices on Lego sets, plus top tips for Lego fans
Find The Best Deals On Lego Sets Including Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars and Lego Ninjago

Lego Sets

Looking for the best deals on Lego sets? You have come to the right place. We will help you to get the best prices on top Lego sets including Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars, Lego Ninjago and lots more. We will also give you Top Tips for Lego fans of all ages. This page will be regularly updated with all new deals and offers as they are launched, so why not bookmark it and check it before you buy your Lego sets?

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Here's all the best deals on Lego sets right now:

Current Top Lego Offers

Up to 50% off selected LEGO at Amazon, including:

Lego Friends Sets

Lego Friends character image

Here's the best current deals on LEGO Friends sets in the UK:

Lego Star Wars Sets

Lego Star Wars characters

LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular Lego themes, so there are a huge amount of sets, with new ones being released all the time. Here's the best savings on Lego Star Wars sets in the UK right now:

Lego Train Sets

LEGO City train set

LEGO Train Sets are very popular, especially with experienced builders, and with the extra tracks and pieces you can build up your own unique Lego rail network. The working trains are a wonderful feature, and right now there are some big savings to be had. Here are the best current deals on Lego train sets:

Lego City Sets

LEGO City police officer and helicopter

LEGO City is one of the biggest and best loved Lego themes, and as well as some classics like police, fire fighters, and lots of vehicles, you'll find new sets released all the time to expand your collection. As it's such a popular range you can often find 20% or more off the whole range, and it's one of the most common to see those bigger discounts on. Here's the best reductions on Lego City sets in the UK right now.

Harry Potter Lego Sets

LEGO Harry Potter animated characters

There are some brand new Harry Potter LEGO sets just been released, including the Knight Bus, Hagrid's Hut and lots more magical new sets. You can see the new sets here* at the LEGO Shop.

Here are the best savings we can find on LEGO Harry Potter sets:

Lego Minecraft Sets

LEGO Minecraft set

LEGO Minecraft tends to hold it's value very well, perhaps as it's a more niche range, but there aren't any mega savings to be had on LEGO Minecraft. Click here* to see the full range and the newest sets.

Lego Technic Sets

LEGO Technic racing car

LEGO Technic sets are for more experienced builders looking for a challenge, with gearboxes, pulleys and more to make Lego vehicles that actually move. You can often find some hefty reductions on these sets, with a third or more off, and here are the best current deals on Lego Technic sets:

Lego Batman Sets

LEGO Batman cartoon character

Lego Nexo Knights Sets

LEGO Nexo Knights characters

Many Lego Nexo Knights sets have been retired and are very difficult to get hold of, or are selling for inflated prices on auction sites. You can find a small selection of Lego Nexo Knights sets online at The Lego Shop* and on Amazon*, though they are all for the full RRP, being collector items.

Lego Duplo Sets

LEGO Duplo number train set

LEGO DUPLO is perfect for young builders, and you can often find great deals on these sets, especially classics that are still produced. Here are the best current deals on LEGO DUPLO:

Lego Ninjago Sets

LEGO Ninjago character

Here are the best current deals on LEGO Ninjago sets:

New Lego Sets

It's rare to find good savings on new Lego sets, but sometimes if you're lucky a new set will get included in a store promotion when the whole range is on offer, for example the 20% off all Lego City at The Entertainer. Click here* to see what new Lego sets are just released, including Lego Shop exclusives.

The latest release is an Amazon Prime Exclusive:

Cheap Lego Sets

LEGO Creative Box close up image

Rather than list the lowest priced Lego sets, we are listing here the biggest savings, so the largest % off the original prices. So while some of these are still pretty pricey, if they're a big price drop, or a significant drop on a rarely reduced set, they're in.


What is the biggest Lego set you can buy?

The biggest Lego set you can buy is the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series*, as it has a stupendous 7500 pieces! It was released in October 2017, so is now a hard to find set, though it's currently in stock at The Lego Shop*. The price tag is pretty hefty too, as it costs £649.99.

What is the hardest Lego set to build?

The hardest Lego sets to build tend to be the largest, with the most pieces, with buildings and Lego Architecture sets featuring heavily. As well as the 7500 piece LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon*, the hardest sets are thought to be theLEGO Creator Taj Mahal* with nearly 6000 pieces, theLEGO Star Wars Death Star* with 4000 pieces and LEGO Creator Tower Bridge* with more than 4000 pieces. All are recommended for adults aged 16+.

How much is a Lego set?

Lego sets vary hugely in price, from small pocket money sets at under £5, up to huge collectors editions at hundreds of pounds. While current sets can often be found on offer, with between 20% and 30% off (and very rarely at half price), retired sets can sell for way over their RRP to collectors.

What are Technic Legos?

Lego Technic sets are designed to provide a more challenging build for the more experienced enthusiast, as they include elements like gearboxes, steering systems, pulleys and motors to build. The sets allow you to create machines and vehicles that actually move, and there's a wide range of working vehicles, sports cars, planes and even robots in the range.

Top Tips For Lego Fans

LEGO Life magazine

Free LEGO Replacement Parts*: Did you know that LEGO offer a free replacement parts service? If you have missing or broken pieces from your set just click here* and you can order replacements with no charge and with free delivery.

Free LEGO Games*: Lego offer lots of free games for children of all ages, all based on their most popular ranges.Click here* to access free online games, and a list of free Lego apps available for both apple and android devices. All are free of charge and have no in-app purchases, so you can let your child play without worrying.

Free LEGO Life Magazine*: If you have a child aged between 5 and 9 years they can get a Free LEGO Life Magazine sent to them at home 4 times a year. It has stories, games and puzzles, competitions, sneak peeks and more, and it's sent free of charge. If your child is outside that age range you still have the option downloading a PDF version here* so that they can still view the comic.

Free online building instructions*: If the instructions for your Lego set have gone missing or got damaged you can access them online for free. Just click here* to access thousands of sets of instructions for Lego builds.

Images: Lego

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