Where To Buy 2017 LEGO Advent Calendars In The U.K.

Where To Buy 2017 LEGO Advent Calendars

If your little one is a LEGO fanatic then no doubt you will have seen the LEGO Advent Calendars that are released each year in the U.K. for Christmas. They sell like hot cakes and literally sell out as soon as they are available.

To make it easier we have found all the places where you can buy or pre-order the LEGO 2017 Advent Calendars.

In Stock

  • Toys R Us* LEGO Star Wars £24.99 (Click & Collect Only)
  • Amazon* LEGO City £17.64, LEGO Friends £17.43, LEGO Star Wars £24.99
  • Argos* LEGO City £18.99, LEGO Friends £14.99, LEGO Star Wars £18.99

Out of Stock

  • Toys R Us* LEGO City/Friends £19.99
  • Lego Shop* LEGO City £19.99, LEGO Friends £19.99, LEGO Star Wars £17.49 (Retired)

There are three LEGO Advent Calendars available, they are: LEGO City, LEGO Friends and LEGO Star Wars. These fab advent calendars contain a different minifigure, vehicle or building behind the 24 doors. Open one each day and count down to Christmas Day!

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  • Fern B.

    Yes please I'll have one :wink: x

  • Kerry T.

    I'm gonna get on it!! Thank you!! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Annie J.

    Anyone recommend these? My 4 year old recently obsessed with Lego, thinking of getting him the bog standard one. Do they create a scene or just one off bits?

    • Claire T.

      They are lovely both my children love them and they are 10 and 7 nearly 8

    • Claire T.

      They have all different parts to make a scene x

    • Lindsey B.

      The box folds down to create a scene of sorts. Each day you get different bits to add, some days are better than others! My son loves the Star Wars ones - we make our own scene on the fireplace and it's been growing for a few years now. Personally I think they are a great idea and I would recommend. Keep in mind that they are about £25ish and they are always in offers closer to December - Smyths 20% off, Argos 342 deals etc

  • Helen M.

    I'll need to have a look :two_hearts:

  • Hannah C.

    Deffo getting lil one she's asked for one this year

  • Lisa R.

    I git charlie one of these a fee years back he lobed it will need to get one this year

  • Dawn C.

    Ace! Think will get him a Star Wars one!! x

  • Dawn C.

    It's dear but he still breaks up last years one and builds them x

  • Lindsay D.

    Don't wait too long they go quick near Xmas I couldn't get one 2 years ago.

  • Corinne P.

    Are they worth the money? X

  • Dawn C.

    for jacks I'd say yes as he loved it! Has a Xmas box of Lego and still plays with it :slight_smile:

  • Marie Q.

    Omg that's the earliest yet!!

  • Laura T.

    Oooooooh Elli will love this. xxx

  • Becki S.

    Already on me list :heart::heart::heart:

  • Claire G.

    Better hurry up and get one this year last year thet ran out and i ended up getting him a beer calender stung me for €79 .....cheapo that i am lol

  • Mark G.

    Already on it......along with the Christmas releases :wink: x

  • Deborah G.

    lol. Should have known lol x

  • Charles T.

    Ohh good idea, looks the same as last year though xx

  • Dawn M.

    Definitely on the list for this year x

  • Kerry B.

    Oh good to know. Although am still not over the playdoh one from 2 years ago where on day 5 he opened all the doors :imp:

  • Nicola W.

    They look good but expensive x

  • Lorraine F.

    On it like a car bonnet lol xxx thanks sweetie

  • Carole F.

    I thought it wouldn't be long! X

  • Jennie J.

    Think the Star Wars one will be a hit! Xxxx

  • Emily H.

    Either be fair. They love there play Mobil x

  • Steph T.

    That's what I thought :-) xxx

  • Alice N.

    Trying to find little D the happy land one x

  • Iain W.

    I have wanted one for the past several years but never got one.

  • Justine M.

    I see them earlier :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. Might be easier to get them now x

  • Jackie P.

    I looked at these today lol need to get them early xx

  • Shannon L.

    Argos not got lego friends atm xxx

  • Mel A.

    I defo am otherwise I will forget or they will run out

  • Scott M.

    I hope this is ordered :joy::joy:

  • Claire G.

    Well i did get half of the beers so wasnt too dear lol

  • Nikki M.

    Thanks Chick Already Have on Order should be here This week...xxx

  • Emma J.

    Definitely need one of these :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Catrina C.

    Going to treat myself this year ha

  • Diane M.

    I've sent the email confirmation over to you honey. It has to be picked up tomorrow at wishaw x

  • Diane M.

    Perfect honey. Thank you. The wee one will love it! X

  • Yzzi C.

    It not even September!!! Stop it :sob::scream::cold_sweat:

  • Claire R.

    Gona av to get them one each , I reckon if I wait till 3 for 2 on argos in oct should get them xx

  • Chris W.

    I've been tempted before... But resisted! :joy:

  • Faye C.

    He loves Lego men!!!! :heart:

  • Jill K.

    They sell out really quickly couldn't get it last year

  • Cindy M.

    I need to get one this year xx

  • Karen C.

    Thanks Hun, we looked at them last year but didn't get one but think we will this year :thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Leanne K.

    Argos has in stock. I might get one for blair this year. Xx

  • Cindy M.

    i need the lego friends one xx

  • Nicola P.

    I want one :see_no_evil:my kids have gone off Lego stuff :disappointed: xx

  • Sharon H.

    I'm sure dm had a lego friends one last year, I'd say they're worth the money x

  • Clare T.

    Code doesn't work on JD Williams

  • Melissa A.

    Yeah got these last year they were good actually.

  • Becky H.

    I want one for myself haha x

  • Sarah R.

    Thanks for sharing x just ordered the Lego calender for my son for Christmas :hugging:

  • Lee W.

    Done! 1 x City and 1 x Friends. It's probably the same price for dairy free advent calendars anyway!

  • Yvonne P.

    Think I'll order the Lego friends one for L x

  • Gemma A.

    I can't seem to get the discount code to apply on the JD Williams

    • Lynne B.

      Me neither. It says not valid

    • Heather N.

      Register first and it validates the code!

    • Suzie F.

      25% worked for me but it was a long process to register first.

    • Lynne B.

      Gamma. I tried to copy and paste. Once I entered it manually it worked. I got it for £15 with free delivery :blush:

  • Michele B.

    Can't afford it till pay day x he wants the Star Wars one which seems to still be the expensive one z

  • Emily M.

    Thank you!!!!!!! :grinning::grinning:

  • Carla C.

    I've just bought one of the Lego website!

  • Fern H.

    Oh thanks. Just got him one. X

  • Amanda M.

    I just seen this too. Definitely going to get him one x

  • Helen C.

    Thank you. I have already ordered ours!! Xx

  • Issie D.

    Simon got Star Wars last year lol and year before. Oscar will probably get a playmobil one x

  • Lynne B.

    I've tried the code and it says it's not valid

    • Lisa K.

      You have to register an account first

    • Lynne B.

      I have but when I enter the code it says invalid

    • Lynne B.

      I've sorted it. I copied and pasted the code. Once I put it in manually it worked :blush:

  • Lucy L.

    We've order one for ourselves and one for Leon! X

  • Nichola I.

    Tempting... tho we had one last yr and as much as hed loved opening it every day.. its been boxed up and never looked at since lol

  • Helen P.

    Ha i know he would love one! X

  • Emma P.

    We bought lego friends one today :slight_smile:

  • Angela F.

    actually its maybe new ones :joy::joy:

  • Colin A.

    Not seen them in the shop here yet, ordering one might be a better option.

  • Briony M.

    Thankyou! What's postage like? x

  • Jenny M.

    :joy: will be buying them early and hiding them this year was a nightmare to get them last year :see_no_evil: xxx

  • Rebecca V.

    Can you use the discount code once you are registered? Saying not valid when I try

  • Luke J.

    I want the star wars one lol xx

  • Alison P.

    Grabbed it bargain, thank for the reminder, usually leave to last min and end up going round half London trying to find one!

  • Toni G.

    Thansk Deb it's crashed at the moment will try again x

  • Louise F.

    I have pre ordered the playmobil 123 for kate this year :thumbsup:

  • Laura M.

    Much better fun and last longer than chocolate x

  • Sarah A.

    Need to add code to your bag

  • Tracey P.

    Thank you, I was going to get ours tomorrow at Legoland but this is a lot cheaper x

  • Emma D.

    I registered then used the code. Paid £30 for two.

  • Kimberley C.

    He had Star Wars last year might get him the normal one this year

  • Emma M.

    Thanks just ordered lego x

  • Karen R.

    The lego city and friends ones were £19.99 in store at toys r us earlier today

  • Jessica S.

    Already got him one :thumbsup::blush:xx

  • Becky W.

    Yeah I saw this, looks good x

  • Natalie S.

    Thanks. I was waiting on a good deal. My son loved his last year.

  • Lucy F.

    Thanks....amazon was even cheaper on Tuesday....sorted :blush::christmas_tree:

  • Laura R.

    Ive just been looking at them on Amazon!

  • Emma T.

    couldnt find then anywhere in sainsburys x

  • Laura C.

    She's having smiggle this year lol

  • Kirstin W.

    Already got it ! :joy::joy:

  • Jodie S.

    Boo already bought mine!! But thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Jenny H.

    That's cheap isn't it xxx

  • Mark Q.

    Charlie would love it xxxxxx

  • Victoria M.

    Thanks! My first Christmas purchase!

  • Kate E.

    We've gone for the Christmas one this year :blush:

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