Snack & Stack Take Along Utensils £9.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller Toy Zany

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How brilliant is this cutlery set? Okay, so the Snack and Stack Take Along Utensils are not officially Lego, but they are near enough to please many Lego fans. In this set you get a knife, fork and spoon and it's £9.99 with free delivery from Amazon seller Toy Zany.

I love the way these can actually stack together like Lego blocks, and they would be really good for keeping children occupied when waiting for their meal, and for getting fussy eaters to join in with meal times a little more. You're also less likely to lose one if they are all stacked together!

Amazingly every single one of the 24 reviews on Amazon is five stars out of five, so that is a really top recommendation. Reviewers have used them for picnics, lunch boxes, and even for going on holiday. Lots of the children who have these use them for every meal according to these reviews. That fork looks a little more like a spork to me, but for younger children learning to feed themselves independently that can be an advantage anyway.

The price of £9.99 includes free standard UK delivery, and if Toy Zany run out of stock there are other Amazon sellers who are selling them at the same price.

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