Lego Star Wars Tie Defender £26.65 @ Sainsburys

16 September 2010

lego1 I am a Lego Star Wars pro! My youngest is utterly crazy about it all an he would be SUPER excited if he knew Sainsbury's had knocked a third off the price of this Lego Star Wars Tie Defender!

I'm not sure if he's just savy but he can spot a 'half price 'or '1/3 off' sticker from a hundred paces, either that or my perennial bargain hunting has rubbed off!

But forget him, I quite fancy the look of this Lego Star Wars Tie Defender myself - it can be quite theraputic and soothing following the instructions and building Lego models you know.

There are 304 pieces which would keep me and my youngest amused for ages (we'd build it together, obviously) and is a great start to the collection of Empire ships - you really can't have the Rebellion without anyone to rebel against now, can you!

It also comes with a Stormtrooper and Tie Fighter Pilot mini figure, six flick firing missiles AND the cockpit rotates when you fly the ship and turn it, just like they do 'in the real' - brilliant!

So, if you want one of these Lego Star Wars Tie Defenders it will cost you £26.65 instead of £39.99, and if you don't want to collect it in store then standard delivery is £3.95.

Thanks to Shute54 over at HUKD!

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