Lego Mixels Wave 7 £1.99 @Argos

Lego Mixels Wave 7 £1.99 @Argos

Lego Mixels are awesome little Lego creatures that can be combined with others in the same series to make one big monster. The latest series, wave 7, has a third off making the price £1.99 each for each one.

They come in bags with the prices and instructions to make each character, and there are nine different ones to choose from in each series. These aren't 'blind bags' so you can see which Mixel you are getting in each packet, but you can's choose online, they will just send an assortment. If you collect in stores then you can usually choose from whatever they have in stock at the counter. Wave 5* are also down to £1.99 but as they are older the stock levels are a little sparse.

Little Lego gifts like this make super party bag gifts, or little treats for your kids, and are really handy to have tucked away for rainy days or surprises. We have a few and as my son hasn't been collecting them I think I'll be grabbing him a couple of these. I know he has none of the new series as these were only issued in March, so there will be no duplicates.

They are such fun and funny little guys, like a cross between aliens, monsters and robots, and the kids love them. I think they're fab for less than £2 each, especially when you consider home much Lego can cost.

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