Lego Harry Potter The Burrow £46.71 @ Amazon

10 January 2011

Harry Potter Lego The Burrows

For Harry Potter Fans, The Burrow Lego set from Amazon looks like a great set to own. The Burrows is currently £46.71, which is 25% off the original £61.99, and a pretty good price against the £64.99 at, or the £59.97 at Tesco Direct.

As any true Harry Potter fan will know, the Death Eaters never really attacked the burrows in book six, so the entire attack scene in the Half Blood Prince movie never actually happened. Nevertheless, it did happen in the movie in an attempt to show that no one was really safe anywhere, apparently.

So, in the movie, anyway, Harry and the Weasley's are all joined together in the Burrows for Christmas, when suddenly some of the Death Eaters attack, engulfing the house and surrounds in flames. Of course, all our leading characters are safe, and by the following movie, the house is in its original condition again.

This Lego set includes Mr and Mrs Wesley, Harry, Ginny and the Death Eaters Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback. It also contains an owl and a pig.

The Lego Burrow is also a three storey asymmetrical house – although not as crooked as the 'real' one – and it features a fireplace that you can place minifigures into and pull the lever to transport them using Floo Powder.

It also features a pig pen and each floor has a separate room, two bedrooms and a kitchen.

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