LEGO Duplo Lighting McQueen £5.98 @ ASDA

LEGO Duplo Lighting McQueen £5.98 @ ASDA

LEGO Duplo’s Lightning McQueen set is on sale at ASDA for £5.98 instead of £9.97, saving you £3.99.

Actually I think this is a really expensive set. Even at £5.98, you’re getting a car, a finish-line flag, a handful of blocks and a cactus. As the single reviewer put it, you’d have to add this to more Duplo to really be able to do much with it. She does also say that ASDA was about £5 less than anywhere else though.

I guess if you’re going to be buying a bit of Lightning McQueen Duplo, rather pay this price for it than full price.  My daughter has a Duplo Lightning McQueen (which she calls Ferrari!)  and she loves it, but the side panels do keep falling off, so it’s probably worth noting that if your child is going to be looking for a car to run around with all day, you might want to get something that doesn’t fall apart.

Considering how much time it’s spent in the bath, however, I’ve been impressed with the printing on it, and that it’s stayed on!

You can collect it from your local store for free, or have it delivered for £2.95.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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