Lego City Fire Truck/Race Car £7.49/£3.99 @ Amazon (Expired)

Lego City Fire Truck/Race Car £7.49/£3.99 @ Amazon (Expired)

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Have you got a Lego fanatic in your home? Of course you do! Check out these two Lego City toys from Amazon... The Lego City Fire Truck is currently half price at £7.49 and the Lego City Race Car is only £3.99. I am sure you will agree that both are nothing less than a great bargain. Why not grab both to benefit from Amazon's free delivery when you spend £10 or over?

The Lego City Fire Truck is a popular Lego item, well because fire trucks ( I call them engines) always are with little people. I reckon this will sell out quicker than the race car but I may be wrong. It's quite a nifty toy, of course it is made from Lego and will require construction with the aid of the child friendly instructions included. There's accessories included like fire fighting equipment, an axe, saw, extinguisher and hydrant. The ladder on the fire truck is extendible and the hose is retractable. The fire truck also come with two fire fighter Lego minifigures.

The Lego City Race Car will come with instructions to construct the  auto mobile.  It comes with a Lego race car driver minifigure with safety helmet and even a lovely trophy cup. I think this would make a great birthday present or tuck it away to stick in someone's Christmas stocking.

For maximum value, I suggest buying both the Lego City Fire Truck and the Lego City Race Car so that your order is eligible for Amazon's free delivery. Or why not just have a look on Amazon to find something else to bump up your order.

Thanks to LittleKati & peacuk1 @ HUKD


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