LEGO City 7208 Fire Station £49.60 @ Amazon

legoCityFireStation Calling all budding, or frustrated, fire fighters!

This Lego City 7208 Fire Station is the perfect thing for you to live out your dreams (well sort of anyway) and for £49.60, instead of £61.99, you won’t get your fingers burned!

As a Lego fire-fighter you can expect to be working with the most up-to-date equipment; your fire station  has ample living quarters for you to rest and relax in when not dealing with fires or rescuing cats from trees.

There is of course the ubiquitous fireman’s pole to slide down when the alarm is raised enabling you to get to the garage and into your fire or rescue truck, FAST!

Four fire-fighters crew your fire station and are fully trained in operating the 15 inch extending arm on the fire truck , they are also fully qualified to use all the other equipement that comes as standard issue kit .

Unleash your inner fire-fighter and be the hero whenever you are called upon to save the day!

Happy rescuing kittens stuck up trees.

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