LEGO Advent Calender £12.49 @

LEGO Advent Calender £12.49 @

LEGO Advent Calenders

Lego has two Advent calenders this year, and they're currently half price at £12.49 instead of £24.99 plus £3.95 postage.

Obviously it's a little late now for an Advent calender for this year, unless your child is a bit young to realise we've already entered December, but these are still great to buy for next year. They don't contain chocolate, so they're not going to expire or go off.

Instead, the Lego Kingdoms Advent Calender contains 24 LEGO Kingdoms themed builds, including a catapult, a wizard, a dungeon and a queen with a throne.

The Lego City Advent Calender contains 24 City buildable holiday novelties, including six minifigures, a Christmas tree, fireplace, and Santa's train set, vehicles and accessories.

I'm told the figures generally sell at between £1.49-£1.99 each, making this is great value, saving between £24.00 and £36.00 on each set.

If you're buying from anyway, purchases over £50.00 come with free delivery.

Thanks to Ryanp from HUKD


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