GLITCH On LEGO Friends @ Argos (Expired)


Looks as though the glitch has stopped working now sadly...

I'm not going to waste too much time talking about this as stock is flying off the shelves! Basically the code LEGO5 is supposed to give you £5 off when you spend £30 on LEGO at Argos BUT if you select different items and use the Fastrack option, it's taking £5 off EACH item, even when your total is less than £30. And for items less than £5 (i.e. the small Lego packs at £3.99 like the Lego Friends Puppy Treats & Tricks*) you only get charged one shiny penny!

There's not really a lot more to say here, stocking fillers for Christmas, little extras to add to birthday gifts or just something to keep the kids amused over the holidays, for 1p you can't really go wrong!

What are you waiting for? Go, Go, Go!!!

Thanks Joanne!

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  • Andrea H.

    Keep checking the stock. Mine all showed oos but then popped up in stock at 1 store

  • Jayme A.

    Had an order cancelled already. Sorry!

    • Shareena M.

      How long ago did you buy yours?

    • Jayme A.

      Ordered about 2 hours ago

    • Lesley M.

      Did u use the fast track and pay upfront ?

    • Jayme A.

      sure did, paid with PayPal, only 1 item left in my local store during checkout and just had my penny refunded :smile:

    • Kate G.

      Mine are ready for collection

  • Julie-Ann B.

    Mines got cancelled too x

  • Karen M.

    don't know if this works but worth a try if you need santa things for Sophie x

    • Susan P.

      Its fixed now, have bought before when its been a glitch and they email saying im getting a refund and the item is now at the proper price. Spoilsports they are, love a bargain.

    • Kerry C.

      I've had an email saying mine is ready for collection :-) so fingers crossed it's honoured x

  • Bekey C.

    Once they know theres a glitch they cancel all orders so no one ever gets away with it

  • Dianne S.

    Iv tried it's all sold out :cry:

  • Jason S.

    I have about 6 sets that are reduced now on my wish list and 6 BBQs on there as well with the app switched to tell me they have been reduced and I will try my luck then

  • Kerry K.

    Got the £8.99 ones for £3.99 :)

    • Raegan B.

      I ordered 3 sets and got £5 off each but they were the £12.99 ones and £8.99 still a good saving if they don't cancel them x

    • Raegan B.

      I've paid for them on fast track xx

  • Ttracii W.

    She's not want Lego anymore haha

  • Julia G.

    Worked fine for me at 23.16 - worth a shot xx

    • Jane M.

      Mine did too, nervous case get refunded :-/

  • Allison C.

    Doesn't work they obviously fixed glitch

  • Lisa M.

    Worked fine just now. Add any Lego friends items (3 or more) and use fasttrack and promo code Lego5) and it takes £15 off!

  • Donna M.

    It's saying "sorry offer no longer available"

  • Barbara G.

    How do you put code in as didn't see option

  • Lee C.

    Omg I got 4 different sets x

  • Melanie T.

    It's a vicious circle. Sites like playpennies advertise the glitch and companies like Argos have people who keep an eye on social media so as soon as they see a post like this they stop the glitch

    • Sarah L.

      Except the glitch has been working for a week now and playpennies have been slow picking up on it!

    • Melanie T.

      And as soon as the pick up on it they close the glitch, which is exactly what I'm saying!

    • Sarah L.

      Yep! Need to be ahead of the game haha

  • Ben V.

    Looks like they fixed it. Thanks, though

  • Melanie D.

    Everytime I have tried one of these, it just turns out to be a total waste of effort. They don't honour it!

    • Sarah L.

      They have done. I have 3 orders picked up now. It started last thursday!

  • Karen M.

    I've got 3. Only ones left in stock

  • Frazor M.

    Il have a look on my break

  • Joanna S.

    Hasn't worked for me :smirk: x

  • Hazel K.

    I did it last night order been dispatched xx

  • Lisa S.

    Did the code work? I managed to get loads that were in stock but the code wasn't working x

  • Michelle R.

    Got it but had to spend £30 to get £5 off each

  • Dawn M.

    Not working says code not valid

  • Jo V.

    Had a look all normal price x

  • April-lee W.

    Mine worked, off to collect this morning. Hopefully I received the free keyring too

  • Karen M.

    Ye, was only the lego friends

  • Karen M.

    Got a 1p one and 2 8.99 ones.

  • Rachel M.

    they may refund you once they realise the error x

  • Kayleigh S.

    They've wised up to it code now invalid xx

  • Hayley H.

    Stef have u done it does it work xx

  • Stef H.

    No I haven't, that's great if it still works x

  • Lisa S.

    Ahh gutted we wanted anything girlie lol x

  • Karen M.

    One was 4 aubriana birthday :joy: one I got 2 of so she's not missing out lol

  • Sandra P.

    Ordered mine last night via fast track and picked them up today :-)

  • Jackie F.

    Would b great if it wasn't the girlie stuff

  • Lynette D.

    None in stock I tried last night xx

  • Kerry S.

    Wow thank you argos and play pennies. I just picked up my four different set boxes for £16 which should have cost £36. For once argos honoured the glitch x

  • Penny C.

    It doesn't work anymore. I had a text from Argos earlier saying they were cancelling my order. Unfortunately for Argos I had already been & collected it. @MSE says hey can't charge me the extra.

  • Simon H.

    Tried but it got cancelled lol

  • Kim W.

    Got 5 sets, click and collect from Sainsbury's!

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