FREE Lego Club Magazine

FREE Lego Club Magazine

Did you know that your child can get FREE Lego Magazines? All children aged between 4 and 11 can get their parents to sign up for FREE Lego Club membership which means they get free magazines through the post every quarter.

It's really simple to sign up, just click the link below, set up a Lego ID for your child and away you go!

My son has been getting these magazines for years now, and they are a lovely surprise each time the postman drops them though the letter box. Kids love receiving post addressed to them, so they will love this arriving for them.

The magazine itself is a really good mix of cartoon stories, puzzles, games, competitions, readers photos and pics and lots more to keep the kids entertained.

Although we're used to lots of free online content for kids these days it's nice to get a physical copy of the magazine that they can sit and read, and handy to take with them on car journeys, holidays and so on.

There's the odd advert and feature on new Lego sets, but no more than you would get in a bought magazine, and it's just as good quality as one that you would pay for. I'd really recommend it for any children who are Lego fans.

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  • Hayley L.

    Oh woow. Ill have a look at this thanks hun xx

  • Lesley W.

    Thanks. We get these :smiley:

  • Amanda S.

    There's definatly nothing to pay is there ?

  • Vicki R.

    They're really good little man love it when he gets his in the post!

  • Kayley R.

    I signed up ages ago and son still hasn't received one xx

  • Lisa C.

    My son gets 1 every 3months and loves it x

  • Luke S.

    Thanks :-)

  • Angie R.

    Yep we get it - just 1 copy so they argue every time it arrives - such fun!!! Xx

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