Flexible Double Sided Lego & Duplo Compatible Baseplate £27.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Flexible Double Sided Lego & Duplo Compatible Baseplate £27.99 Delivered @ Amazon

This is such a good idea! Wacky Warehouse have designed a Lego and Duplo compatible baseplate that is flexible so you can roll it up for storage!

The baseplate is double sided so that one side can be used for Duplo and the other for regular Lego bricks. It's a large 32 inches by 12 inches so that more than one child can play on it at once, and it's made from durable silicone so it doesn't snap or break.

Being soft silicone it's going to be a lot less painful than regular Lego is you happen to stand on it, it's less slippery on wooden floors than a standard baseplate, and there are reviews praising the design for children with sensory issues.

My favourite feature is that it rolls up on itself, and there's even a little Velcro strip to keep it closed as well. That means that it takes up less room and will gather less dust as well. I love a bit of ingenuity when it comes to storage.

This baseplate is on offer at £27.99, saving £7 on the usual selling price, and that includes free delivery as well.

The reviews are pretty fantastic, and it's the double sided bit that's really got me sold. I have a toddler who's on Duplo and a six year old who plays with Lego and they will both be able to use this. (I might get some of my tea trays back if they start using this as well.)


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