Kids' Rainwear From £4.99 @ Lidl From 18th February

Kids' Rainwear From £4.99 @ Lidl

The rain looks like it's here to stay, so I'll be heading to Lidl at the weekend for some of these Kids' Rainwear bargains from just £4.99! They're in stores from Sunday 18th February, and we're sure they will sell out fast at these prices.

From Sunday you'll be able to pick up co-ordinating kids' rainwear including a Waterproof Jacket* for £6.99, matching Waterproof Trousers* for £4.99, and some wonderful Light-Up Wellies* for only £6.99!

Each item comes in a choice of several colours, with the jackets and trousers for ages 1 to 8 years, and the wellies in sizes 5 to 11.

These items will be in Lidl stores from Sunday 18th February, subject to availability.

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  • Laura B.

    I need to get to Lidl this weekend

  • Pauline E.

    Funny enough we been puddle jumping this morning they were filthy but happy boys they love puddles xx

  • Louise F.

    Aww fab that’s where I got Millie’s from :thumbsup_tone1:x

  • Vicky H.

    They would have been swimming in the puddles in those! X

  • Jessica W.

    Ah yes thankyou! Kaidens in need of a new waterproof suit, ideal! xx

  • Fiona T.

    And some for Gracie when she's a bit bigger too :laughing:

  • Andrea C.

    We had the flashy wellies a while back and they lasted ages.

  • Jessica W.

    Oo thanks good to know, will have to grab some if they have the right sizes :slight_smile: replace Isabel’s puppy chewed ones :rolling_eyes: xx

  • Mandy F.

    There fab i have a few sets

  • Kurt L.

    Ace just what she needs :thumbsup:

  • Jessica J.

    Wow !! Will get myself there xx

  • Anna H.

    Thank you!!! :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Laura H.

    Thanks Hun but I’ll get Isla in her hunters if it breaks me! Such a waste of money otherwise :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Ang P.

    Will need to get in for a look x

  • Han S.

    Perfect thanks Katie!! Xx

  • Pauline I.

    They had some in the other day. These are great, Hayden's has been passed unto Matthew and they're still like new

  • Beverley C.

    Is that where you got yours from? I must go down and get one for Jamie especially, as he'll be walking next winter. :see_no_evil:

  • Nicola B.

    That’s a bargain :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Bex C.

    Just in time for needing new wellies

  • Trembleton H.

    Ohhh we need some of these xx I have no time to buy any

  • Kathryn K.

    they are out on Sunday the 18th hels

  • Trembleton H.

    There won’t be any here I can guarantee that xx

  • Kathryn K.

    ok, well if I happen to wonder I there on Sunday, did you want a set for the girls?

  • Frances P.

    Mum got him some new ones last time they were in Lidl there so good!!!!

  • Anita W.

    Would like the trousers for the boys

  • Claire M.

    Yes!! This is the ones. They're amazing. So cosy and waterproof and wash amazingly well! Snap them up!

  • Pauline I.

    Yes the boys ones are out of lidl. I can definitely recommend them

  • Claire M.

    Just so you know they come in 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8 In Lidl. We have these already and they are generously sized. My almost 4 year old is in 2-4 with masses of room, and my almost 8 year old who wears age 9 clothes can wear the 6-8 waterproofs. Hope this helps

  • Sandra M.

    Yes i will wot about Wellingtons x

  • Lucy E.

    Defo going to have a look and see xx

  • Jennifer H.

    Awe fab!! Thanks for letting me know chick x x

  • Adelle C.

    Oh will have to pop in!! These are the best!!

  • Stacey F.

    Omg thank you will have to go on sunday xx

  • Gemma B.

    Think I wil go and get them both a pair of waterproof trousers at the weekend! No idea where the nearest lidl is though?!

  • Charlie G.

    No all in ones tho which is a shame xx

  • Emma D.

    Thank you will have a look at weekend for one

  • Jenna T.

    He made me buy 2 pair didn’t he cs the first set were too big and he’d ripped the tags off! XX

  • Amanda T.

    Well he was raging the other week because only one flashes :joy:

  • Kylie R.

    That’s what I was thinking

  • Jenna T.

    The others he says are still too big even though they’re perfect size :joy:

  • Sarah H.

    Get it! There really good.

  • Louise G.

    yep they are excellent lucy x

  • Michelle J.

    I will go and look who needs them? Xx

  • Michelle J.

    Yeah I will get hers back xx

  • Kirsty H.

    William deffo needs some when is the 18th xx

  • Michelle J.

    Okies he’s got waterproofs at school? Xx

  • Sarah M.

    Thanks but just bought him a puddlesuit and wellies :slight_smile: xx

  • Amy O.

    Oh looks good I need to get some!

  • Katie B.

    Will do hun. Best thing we have brought for him!!

  • Christine S.

    Yes! They are fab. Highly recommend! x

  • Jackie M.

    the wee water proofs are handy

  • Jo C.

    Charlie’s has two sets both have lasted and will go to Maxwell :thumbsup_tone1:lol. Xxx

  • Michaela M.

    Yes they are perfect for clumsy Kyle :thumbsup::thumbsup: may have to get some x

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