John Lewis Children's Shark/Tiger Balaclava From £6 @ John Lewis

John Lewis Children's Shark/Tiger Balaclava

These are so funny. The kids will absolutely love them. Head over to John Lewis and you'll find two Children's Balaclavas reduced. There's a Tiger one and a Shark one. Each is reduced from £13-£14 to just £6/£7.

The Shark Balaclava is sure to make them smile, when worn it looks like their head is in the jaws.

The Tiger one is the same and I think this will appeal to the kids.

These are great for cold days. They mean you don't need a hat, scarf and earmuffs, as this covers the head, ears and neck.

Click and Collect is £2, or FREE when you spend £30+. Delivery is £3.50.

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  • Annie C.

    , I would love to see Arthur in this!

  • Claire B.

    this has got Henry’s name all over it :joy:

  • Emma R.

    He’d love the idea of it but probably wouldn’t put it on xx

  • Justine M.

    I would totally wear this!!!

  • Mike P.

    No... I think a question would still surround the street cred of that.

  • Fiona K.

    :joy: she would hate me!! X

  • Fiona E.

    I could imagine a young Alfie with that on

  • Robyn M.

    :joy::joy: he'd love that! Haha

  • Emma L.

    Haha that would look fab with the new coat :joy:

  • Esther B.

    Omg....he'd love it :heart::heart_eyes:

  • Karen M.

    I want the tiger :tiger::joy:

  • Cheryl L.

    My kids would disown me if I bought them this lol

  • Hannah W.

    That is definitely one to keep for his 18th!!! X

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