Heads Up: Kids Wear Offers from 23rd Feb @ Lidl

Heads Up: Kids Wear Offers from 23rd Feb @ Lidl

lidl kids wear 23rd feb pm

I think perhaps I should just move into Lidl. They have more great offers for kids coming next week again. From next Monday 23rd February it's children's clothing, and with prices from a super cheap £2.99 this stuff will be selling very fast.

They will be selling T-shirts for £2.99 each, and the Cardigans, Sweat Tops and Trousers will all be £3.99 each. My son will have his eyes on the Light Up Trainers (he's too young to know about trainer branding luckily!) and they are just £6.99 a pair. All the clothing comes in sizes between 12 months and 6 years, and the trainers will be in sizes between 7.5 and 11.

I know it's nice to have some good clothes for the children when they are visiting,or going out somewhere nice for the day, but if it's a day in the back garden or a messy morning at play group then that's when cheap supermarket clothes come into their own. The kids can have a lot more fun if we're not worried about them ruining their clothes with mud or grass stains. Great for holiday clothes as well.

These deals are in stores only, from next Monday 23rd February, and are subject to availability. More details can be found on the link above.


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