Baby Clothes That Regulate Body Temperature

19 January 2011

37degreesClothing One of the first things you learn as a new parent is how tricksy keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature can be - 37C body temperature is what we all strive/strove for to get top marks.

If your baby's cold, they'll cry; if they're too hot, they'll cry and crying babies are NO fun.  Not to mention the lack of sleep this causes if it's in the middle of the night along with feelings of frustration and helplessness if you can't make it stop.

There is a range of baby and toddler clothes, designed with Nasa technology,which, apparently, regulate your child's body temperature and keeps them at a comfy 37C.

There's a video interview with the inventor HERE and their website is

Great or gimmick? Answers on the proverbial postcard please *grin*

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  • Nathan
    Sorry - but this reads like a lot of pseudoscientific nonsense designed to prey on parent's anxieties. This clothing might well be good - but its not going to have any magical properties. The stuff about storing heat and releasing it is just nonsense.

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