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13 February 2013

If you get yourself over to Pumpkin Patch you'll not only be able to save yourself 20% on absolutely everything, but you'll also bag yourself free delivery too.

My cousin dressed both her kids in all things Pumpkin Patch when they were small - which is a fair few years ago now - and I distinctly remember how gorgeous they were (the clothes...oh okay, and the kids) and how they just oozed quality.  As a result, they lasted a long time, survived being washed over and over, and she was able to sell most of the items she'd bought on eBay for a pretty good price.

Absolutely everything on the Pumpkin Patch website is included in the 20% off promotion, so the world really is your Pumpkin Patch oyster - just hurry up, because lots of things are going out of stock fast and the promotion ends at midnight tomorrow (14 February).

To make sure you get that 20% off your order, plus free delivery, please remember to enter promotion code UKVL into the relevant box at checkout - otherwise you'll end up paying full price for everything, and that would just be rubbish!

Thanks to joshtbh at HUKD

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