Up To 70% Off Sale In Boots Stores

Up To 70% Off Sale In Boots Stores

Well, Boots have really thrown us this year with their big 70% Off Sale, as they have completely changed the way they do things this time! The big reductions this time will be in store only, not online, from Friday 20th January.

If you want to get some of those bargain gift sets to stash away then you need to head to stores first thing tomorrow morning, as Boots have said that the extra price cuts will not be online, though the Sale still continues on their website.

A Boots spokeperson said: "Boots UK is committed to offering great value throughout the year. The current half-price seasonal sale will be boosted to up to 70 percent off on Friday, January 20 in-store.

'Customers are encouraged to check in-store for further sales details. Subject to availability. While stocks last."

Stock levels are going to vary considerably from store to store, and whilst the discounts are usually 70% off all the Christmas gifts, don't think we haven't noticed the "up to 70%" this time Boots!

Here's hoping there are still plenty of bargains to snap up, and that there's something left after the school run in the morning, eh ladies? Get those elbows ready, and happy shopping! Let the mayhem commence!


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  • Kerry N.

    Just read it's in store only :rage: xxx

    • Tracy B.

      Yeah yeah :thumbsup_tone1: I'll be there tomorrow :joy::joy: cheers Hun :kissing_heart:

      • Siobhàn D.

        I was in there today they've taken all the no7 off the shelves so it's not in the sale :pensive:

        • Dawn-Maree R.

          Oooooooo we will have a look tomorrow x

          • Kirsty C.

            Anyone know if the sanctuary sets go in the 70% sale

            • Susie D.

              I am gutted as I am at work

              • Frances F.

                if there is anything left!

                • Claire I.

                  What time does it start in stores?

                  • Kimberley S.

                    Going down first thing in the morning to have a nose :grinning:xx

                    • Senga C.

                      This sale 70% is what's left of Xmas gifts :relieved:

                      • Angie P.

                        Not bothering, not when you hear of people pushing and arguing !

                        • Marie M.

                          Oooh thank you! I'll be there for the doors opening :joy:

                          • Niamh C.

                            I hope it's not just on silly Christmas things.

                            • Lynda N.

                              Thanks! I might get a chance to pop in tomorrow :thumbsup:

                              • Shona S.

                                Did think about going in on the morn

                                • Emma M.

                                  Im in town tomorrow so will have a look! X

                                  • Leanne C.

                                    Hope that perfume is on sale lol :grin:

                                    • Joanne F.

                                      Complete waste of time looking online. Most of the clothes listed are out of stock and those that aren't came up as discontinued when I tried to order!

                                      • Sharon S.

                                        I know lol I went last week when I had half day at 50%. There wasn't a great deal there but was pleased with what I got xx

                                        • Sarah L.

                                          Just went into Havant and they have taken it all down and out in the back xx