Sainsbury's Toy Sale 2021: Dates and Deals Revealed

Up to half price on selected toys from Wednesday 10th November
Sainsbury's Toy Sale 2021: Dates and Deals Revealed

We've had so many messages asking about the Sainsbury's Toy Sale and now we have a date for you. The Sainsbury's Half Price Toy Sale will start in stores on Wednesday 10th November, and runs until Tuesday 16th November. It's an in-store event, with a selected items online as well.

Sainsbury's Toy Sale 2021

The sale will be 'up to' half price, and last year it included big brands such as LEGO, Disney, Kindi Kids, Barbie, Frozen, Hot Wheels, Nerf, Jurassic Park, Marvel, Peppa Pig and more. This year we're hoping for similar offers, and we'll let you know what's in the sale and the sale prices as soon as we have more information.

Will there be any toy offers online?

Selected toys will be on offer online, as well as in store, for example there's a third off selected LEGO sets which can be purchased online here*.

When does the Sainsbury's toy sale start?

The Sainsbury's Christmas toy sale is expected to start on Wednesday 10th November 2021, and run for one week, ending on Tuesday 16th November 2020. The start time on 10th November is at 6am or at store opening, depending on which one comes first.

Why is the Sainsbury's Toy Sale delayed?

In previous years the Sainbury's Christmas Toy Sale has run in the second half of October, usually coinciding with the main half term holidays in much of England. However this year we understand it's been moved later due to international shipping delays which are affecting many UK retailers, with the impacts of Brexit and the pandemic.

Is the Sainsbury's toy sale in store or online?

The vast majority of the toy sale items are expected to be in store only, as these are items being brought into stores specifically for the sale and are not regularly stocked items. However a small selection of toys should be available to order at sale prices online. You'll need to specify a delivery date between 10th and 16th November to get the sale prices.

Is the Sainsbury's toy sale in all stores?

We're hearing that not all Sainsbury's stores will be taking part in the toy sale, so you'll need to contact your local branch to confirm. Be aware that they might not be allowed to confirm before the sale starts though, as upcoming deals will be confidential.


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