(EXPIRED) GLITCH!!!! £50 Gift Voucher For 50p @ Apricot Clothing

GLITCH!!!! £50 Gift Voucher For 50p Apricot

QUICK!! This GLITCH is FANTASTIC! Get a £50 Gift Voucher for just 50p. All you have to do is select £50 Gift Voucher, the link is below and enter promo code LUCIA99 at the checkout. You will then only be charged 50p! WOWZA!

The Gift Voucher is then emailed to you to spend. Be quick though as this could get pulled very quickly. The site is VERY slow so bear that in mind too.

As with any glitch, there's no guarantee that this will get honoured. It's a gamble. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed if you do try to get it.

This may work on multiples too, like two £50 vouchers for £1, but there's no guarantee it will.

Thanks to reindeer333

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  • Tatooinechick

    That's really poor show to find an obvious inputting error and then take advantage like that. Try to think about if that was your business.  The owners are only human and cleary made a tiny mistake. 

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