The Tweet Towel Valentine Gift @ We Are What We Do

9 February 2011


I am utterly smitten by this charity and this amazing Tweet Towel that We Are What We Do devised. It is an ingenious idea that will enchant the lady (or dude) in your life. This is one stunning Valentine’s Day gift and, not only will it be awesome in your kitchen, all the profits go to charity.

The Tweet Towel is a tea towel with a personal miniature message embroidered onto it. It is a lovely blend of traditional crafts, embroidery, with the future of digital communication, twitter. You get to either create a 140 character message and put it on the towel, or you can nab a tweet from the stream of the person you are gifting it to and use that instead.

This allows you to be as creative as you wish. To create a gorgeous 140 character message that will amuse, amaze, enchant, delight, stun or shock your intended victim, I mean, romantic partner.

The Twitter Towel is 42x60cm wide, is made from absorbent white cotton, and has a diagonal hanging hook on the reverse corner. It comes in a gift box that can be fully recycled and all profits go to the We Are What We Do Charitable Foundation.

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