Tefal 5-Piece Essentials Pan Set £39.99 @ Amazon

Tefal 5-Piece Essentials Pan Set £39.99 @ Amazon

tefalFivePieceEssentialsPanSetIf you know me then you know this sounds strange - I LOVE new pots and pans!

This Tefal 5-piece essentials pan set - that Amazon have reduced from £100 down to £39.99 - really appeals to me; it takes iron will not to buy almost every pan deal I find.

I live between the UK and South Africa.  I'm currently at home in SA and my pots and pan collection here is absolutely WOEFUL! I'm talking one largish frying pan and a big steamer/casserole pan - I really must sort this out and buy some more.

I might have to go hunting and see if I can find an equivalent to this 5-piece Tefal Essentials pan set as it would be perfect.

It comes with a 20cm and 24cm frying pan and 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans.

Each pan has a 'Thermospot' that tells you when the pan has reached its perfect cooking temperature and they all have non-stick interiors.

In addition to that, the saucepans have glass lids.

I'm a big fan of glass lids - even though they get water marks if you don't dry/polish them with a tea towel - because you can see exactly what's going on inside the pan.

I wish these were an Amazon Deal of the Week so their price was guaranteed until Sunday; they're not, so we'll have to take our chances and keep our fingers crossed that Amazon leave their price alone for a fair while yet.

Thanks to mrsbargain at HUKD


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