Space Saving - Maximize Your Living Space

Space Saving - Maximize Your Living Space

Own too many things and struggling to find the space to put them away? I do and it's an absolute nightmare. I'm constantly cleaning up, de-cluttering, and sending clothes to the charity shop but my flat still NEVER looks clean and tidy! Living in small space with a 1 year old is definitely not ideal but we just have to work with the space we live in and try the best we can to maximise it.

Fortunately I've found some great ideas to help make our living space so much more family friendly with a bit more space.

Shelving- One of the easiest ways to store your much loved items - CDs, DVDs, Books and Ornaments! It's convenient, effective and easy. To get the best out of the little space you have use the empty corners and fill them up with a few floating shelves which you can get from Homebase*.

Don't let wall space be wasted space!

Storage- Lofts and Garages are full to the brim now so we need more storage inside and out. I've been using this Outside Storage Box*from Amazon*for a while now and it's the best thing I have ever bought! It has given me space to hoard lots of things that I might use again one day so no need to get rid, which is such a relief.

Know anyone that can make you this amazing under the stair storage? Please please send them to me ASAP! How cool is this?! It would solve all my problems and give me somewhere to hide my clothes addiction.

Paint It white - Painting your living space white or any other neutral colour would really make the room seem bigger and brighter.

Large Mirrors - Mirrors can completely transform a small room in an instant. They create more light and give you an illusion that the room is much bigger than it is! They also look very pretty which is a bonus. Click here for Next* who have a beautiful selection of large mirrors.

Dining - We don't have enough space to fit a large family dining table in the lounge or dining room. Rooms are getting smaller and smaller so the solution is a Space Saving Dining Table. Everywhere I look I see space saving dining so picking up a cool table and chairs set is easier than ever. Argos* have a few different space saving types including this Wooden Space Saver Table and 4 Chairs*for only £299 they also have Glass Round Space Saver Dining Table and 4 Stools* for half price at £74.99.

Kitchen- We needs lots of space in the kitchen as we are constantly in it feeding our little ones. For me the space I mostly want and need as it's forever full is the kitchen sides!

Take the spices away and attach a wire rack on the side of a kitchen cupboard to clear some more room. You can also remove the non working drawer underneath the sink and make it into a kitchen towel holder!

Bathroom- The bathroom is more often than not the smallest room in the house. We fill it with lots or toiletries which take a lot of space up straight away. Have you seen this cool shower gel/shampoo idea? Get the shower curtain hooks and attach your favourite tubes so you can access them easily, keeping the bathroom shelves clear for something else.

Another fabulous idea is this over the toilet storage, perfect for that tight squeeze in the bathroom and gives you the extra storage and shelving you need. Check out Ebay* for this Space Saving Toilet Cabinet for £59.99.

Bedroom - Sharing a bedroom with your siblings is most likely going to happen whilst growing up. I've come across these awesome bed designs that can fit up to 4 people! They look quirky and practical, I think the kids will love them!

For the parents of the house, check out this Gas Lift Up Bed from Amazon* and only £110.99! So much storage space and perfect that it's all under the bed hidden!

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  • Annette H.

    check out how they've done the beds on this x

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      I wish we couldn't even get nothing as clear as that in our small boxes of a room lol xx lovely layout though x

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      the under stairs storage, is that something you'd be able to rustle up?

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        - perfect under stairs in new house! Another job for !! Xx

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          think this would be perfect x