Here Comes The Bride Cam!

Here Comes The Bride Cam!

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This is the most unbelievable bit of tech I have seen for ages - and not in a good way. Sony have just designed the 4K Bride Cam, a miniature digital video camera that attaches to the brides head to record a unique view of the big day.

Have you taken that in yet? No, it's not April Fools Day, and as far as we can tell this is not a joke, but a genuine attempt at wearable technology.

I'll stress that the amusement this idea is giving me is purely my own opinion, and not that of PlayPennies or anyone else on the team, and there may be many of you who love this idea and will be contacting Sony to demand to be put on the waiting list. But if that is the case then I think there are a couple of points that need stressing...

As a blushing bride you are meant to be the centre of attention, with all eyes focused on you and the ensemble you have carefully spent months putting together. If you strap a big camera to your head then that is what everyone is going to be looking at, which seems a waste really.

Also, can you imagine what the footage is going to be like to watch? Anyone remember The Blair Witch Project, or any other movie filmed with hand held cameras? They give you motion sickness, and you really don't want your wedding video to make people vomit.

I honestly wonder if anyone at Sony spoke to any brides about this venture?

On second thoughts I think maybe this is a huge wind up... It must be, surely...

Picture credit Sony / Gizmodo



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