Robot Vacuum Cleaner £18.99 @ Wowcher

Lie back and let the robot clean and shine your floors itself!
Robot Vacuum Cleaner £18.99 @ Wowcher

I've wanted a robot vacuum for a while now but just couldn't justify the price. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this one for only £18.99 at Wowcher which is 62% off the retail price of £49.99! I've snapped one up for me and one for my Mum for Christmas too!

Clean your house with ease with a robot vacuum cleaner. With the ability to sweep and vacuum, the robot vacuum cleaner can also walk in a straight line and climb steadily, meaning you won’t be needing to rescue it every time it hits a mildly steep floor. You can also leave it to automatically clean rooms while you do something else!

The battery lasts for up to two hours as well – more than enough time to get through an entire floor of a house although it only works on floors without a carpet.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners which are well-known for being super noisy, your robot cleaner is a lot quieter. Choose from white or black.

All you have to do is purchase via the Wowcher website, they will then email you a unique code and a link to follow. Just add the item to your basket on the link, add the code and before you know it the item will be arriving at your door!

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