Stabilo Easy Pen Review

I'm loving the Stabilo Easy Pen which is £4.74 at Amazon right now instead of £6.60 (a saving of £1.86).

Designed to fit in the hand perfectly, it comes in left-handed and right-handed versions and in various colours. Each pen is refillable with a writing length of 700m, and each refill cartridge has a brand new nib so it will never get scratchy or worn. Each pen comes complete with three refills as well as a name label.

These pens are perfect for little fingers that are just getting to grips with handwriting and developing those all-important fine motor skills, which are critical for handwriting. It's also easy to grip and the rollerball tip glides easily without scratching or blotting the page.

My kids love these pens and seem inclined to pull out all the stops with their very best handwriting when given the chance to use one. They got them in their Christmas stockings last year and still treat them as their go-to pen of choice when they're writing something special like a birthday card or - as seems to happen more frequently - a heartfelt note of apology after yet another squabble-fest.

All in all if you're trying to encourage neat handwriting I'd recommend treating little ones to these as a cost-effective way of boosting a child's confidence and incentivising them to keep practising their letter formation.

Who knows, maybe they'll even sign their first masterpiece or pen their first novel with one of these nifty pens.

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