Pokemon Single Duvet Cover Set £9.99 in B&M Stores

Pokemon Single Duvet Cover Set £9.99 in B&M Stores

If you have a Pokemon fan at home then B&M have a great bargain for you, as this Pokemon Single Duvet Cover Set is just £9.99! Normally you would expect to pay £20 or more for Pokemon bedding, so this is a cracking buy.

This set includes the duvet cover and matching pillowcase, and the cover is reversible so you have a choice of designs. It is made of polyester microfibre, so that's not for everyone, but at this price I wouldn't expect anything else.

B&M don't offer online shopping, so it's a trip to store to get this one, though you can use the Store Finder to get your local branch contact details to see if they have it in stock before heading off to save a wasted journey. It's listed as new on their website, so there's a good chance it will be in lots of stores.

If you don't have a B&M near you then the only place that comes anywhere near this right now is Amazon seller Kidco* who have this set for £14 plus delivery.


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  • Becky E.

    B&M bargains would make Aiden's day with this! :relaxed:

    • Heather B.

      Perfect thank-you x

    • Mandy N.

      They better come in king size :P]

      • Danielle L.

        I'm gonna vomit- I paid £40 for pokemon bedding online for Jamie for Xmas! ! :sob::sob:

        • Naomi B.

          Omg that's so cheap. I'm going to have to have a look. X

          • Katie C.

            Oooh going down there in a bit x X

            • Jodie P.

              Spencers got a pikatchu one for Xmas :heart_eyes:

              • ErinStarr D.

                Isobelle would love this xx

                • Ailsa K.

                  Already got a pikachu one sorted :grin: it's going to be a very Pokémon christmas! Xx

                  • Kimberley W.

                    Ha I bought 3 sets last week lol :joy:

                    • Gemma B.

                      Will pop down thanks hun x

                      • Jet T.

                        Can u find 1 in king size

                        • Rachel O.

                          Seen this! He is getting a double bed though :confused:

                          • Nikki-jo G.

                            Already got it :grimacing: baikeys was £20 coz its double :unamused::unamused:

                            • Samara H.

                              John would love this as much as reuben!!

                              • Melanie G.

                                It's not cotton though sadly it's 100% polyester :expressionless:

                                • Esther B.

                                  Fab Harry will love that :kissing_heart:

                                  • Helen R.

                                    Aww cute but Ethans got a double bed!! Gutted x

                                    • Kim R.

                                      Hahh already got him it for xmas. Xx

                                      • Hayley M.

                                        Try getting hold of one now though :rolling_eyes:

                                        • Louise F.

                                          No harm in looking i suppose! I was in there yest too :see_no_evil: