New Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres £4.24 @ Temptation Gifts

New Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres £4.24 @ Temptation Gifts

If you are a fan of all things Yankee Candle then you are going to love this brand new product they have just released. I am itching to get my hands on one and so have been shopping about for the best price.

The new Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres are available for the bargain price of just £4.24 each over at Temptation Gifts. This is a cracking price as some have been retailing for £30 upwards on Amazon!

So what are Fragrance Spheres I hear you ask! They are little jars of odour neutralising beads, designed to fill your home with a beautiful Yankee Candle scent without ever having to light or plug in. It is a safe way to fragrance your home especially if you have little ones or pets running around.

The scent's are activated by the removal of the protective seal under the lid. As the fragrance is diffused into the air, the beads shrink. When all of the beads have gone, it's time to replace with another jar. You get up to 45 days worth of fragrance from each sphere.

There are plenty of scents to choose from including Clean Cotton*, Cranberry Pear*, Pink Sands*, Red Raspberry* and Turquoise Sky*. You can even buy accessories to hold your fragrance sphere in such as this Moroccan Copper Fragrance Sphere Holder* for £4.74!

Home delivery starts from £3.99 and becomes FREE if you spend over £49.99.


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  • Leah D.

    I love them and they last a long time too.

    • Lin P.

      Not seen these before. X

      • Sarah B.

        these look good, and they cheap as well xx

        • Sarah G.

          May have to try these :grinning:

      • Lorna H.

        £3.99 delivery though :/

        • Anna S.

          I used to get them in America they smell for a while then you have start shaking them to get a smell

          • Janet J.

            I've got these OK in toilet or small room but not a very strong smell

            • Tina H.

              Will have a look

              • Emma S.

                Pink sands my favourite

                • Vikki P.

                  something to try !! Xxx

                  • Wendy P.

                    Oh I like !!!! Xxxx

                  • Debbie D.

                    I bought these a few weeks ago and have to say smell awful , I bought my favorite red raspberry as well!!

                    • Emma M.

                      Iv put one in my cup holder in the car smells lush although my sisters didn't fit in her cup holder x

                      • Ailsa M.

                        I was very disappointed in them can't smell them at all in living room

                        • Sarah C.

                          I've found our new Yankee Candle obsession

                          • Becci C.

                            I've just ordered mine, they are meant to be really good!

                            • Sarah H.

                              Omg i need many you ordered haha x

                              • Becci C.

                                The 2, red raspberry and the black coconut one! Saw the turquoise sky you like so thought you might be interested x

                                • Sarah H.

                                  I loooove turquoise sky..thanks :kissing_heart:

                                  • Becci C.

                                    You're welcome x

                                  • Terrianne T.

                                    These are the best thing ive ever seen!! Xx

                                    • Samantha M.

                                      Do u even know what it is cause I don't lol. Is it like shake and vac :joy::joy::joy:

                                      • feef

                                        only £6.95 on Amazon with free delivery. Much better buy!

                                        • Rebecca L.

                                          Ooooo they look good xxx

                                          • Wendy S.

                                            I have a lemon lavender one in my toilet,it makes the room smell fresh

                                            • Katie H.

                                              I brought these couldn't smell them at all