Mini Doughnut Maker £9.99 @ Aldi

doughnut I hate diets. I love food. I especially love warm and toasty doughnuts made fresh with sprinkles of cinnamon. Ooooh. So imagine my joy when I uncovered this lovely deal from Aldi – only £9.99 for a mini doughnut maker!

This happy little guy makes half a dozen mini doughnuts in two to four minutes. Heck, this thing is lethal. If it can spit out six doughnuts in five minutes then how on earth am I going to stick to my diet. Aaargh!

The doughnut maker has non-stick coated cooking plates and anti-slip feet and comes with a silver finish, whdoughnutsich should suit most kitchens. They don't say how big it is, which is a bit annoying because sometimes you're already wrestling space issues and it would be nice to have some idea as to whether it would fit.

Who cares! Bring on the yummy, scrummy doughnuts. Let's eat them together while watching good movies and ignoring the scales shouting warnings from the bathroom.

Thanks to huggychair at HUKD!


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