Jute Bags From £4 Delivered @ Seasalt

Jute Bags From £4 Delivered @ Seasalt

Since the 5p bag charge came into full swing in the UK, you lovely people have been snapping up the reusable bag bargains. Here's a great one from nautical fashion outlet Seasalt. They are offering some get 'two for' offers, jute bags from £4 and FREE delivery on ALL UK orders.

The Jute Bags from Seasalt are super popular and that's because of their cool designs and bright colours. They take a tiny part of drear out of food shopping.

You don't just have to use them in Asda, you can pick a Christmas one like this Winter Cheer* one to put Christmas gifts in. These are £4 each or two for £7 delivered.

We also like these Snowman Jute Bag* £5 each or two for £8 delivered.

It's not just bags on offer just now but some womenswear too, so why not check it out whilst they are offering FREE delivery?

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