Inflatable Duck Bath £10.20 @ Amazon

Inflatable Duck Bath £10.20 @ Amazon

I've written about this Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bath before; I thought he was a great idea then and I think he's a great idea now and Amazon are currently selling him for £10.20 instead of £13.99.

As parents one of main instincts, and desires, is to keep our children clean and bath time is generally when we seek to achieve this.

Bath times are also supposed to be happy, fun times with lots of splashing and giggles from both parents and children - when it doesn't quite work out this way it can be miserable.

I know this because as soon as my youngest hit two years old he developed a 'phobia' of bath times and the screaming was unbearable; sometimes he'd get himself so wound up that he's actually be sick in the water, if we'd even managed to get that far.

It was miserable and the closer it got to bath time, the more dread everyone would feel.  So ANYTHING that makes bath time easier, more fun and as stress-free as possible is a GREAT idea in my book.

I think this rather fun looking inflatable duck bath would have done the trick for us, it was one of the few things we didn't try.

He's got a squeaky beak that goes ‘Quack! Quack!’ when you squeeze it. He's small and contained (maybe my youngest didn’t like the huge expanse of the big bath) and has a quick release plug for letting the water out when you’re finished.

The Inflatable Duck Bath also has a textured base to prevent slipping and has a White Hot ™ Safety Disc which reveals the word “HOT” when the bath water is too hot.

Now, just in case Amazon decide to put the price up anytime soon, I can tell you that Argos are also selling this inflatable duck bath for the same price AND they are currently offering free delivery on him.

So you can choose who you get him from, or go to Argos if Amazon make him more expensive.

Thanks to hmmmnice111 at HUKD


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