Gonk Side Table New In @ Next

Would you have one of these in your home?
Gonk Side Table New In @ Next

Honestly we love a gonk themed item here at PlayPennies but we seriously thought that Next were pulling our leg when they added this Natural Gonk Side Table to their website! I mean, do you know anyone who would have one of these in their house?!

Although saying that, it must be popular as it looks like 60 have been purchased in the last 24 hours, so maybe it's just us!

This is a wood effect side table that has a gonk holding up the top half. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It's pretty pricey for a novelty item at £115 which is why we were so shocked that people would pay this for a gonk themed item!

So what do you think? Would you buy this side table and keep it up all year round? Or is this a novelty Christmas item you would put up as a decoration?

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