Dinosaur Footprints Pack of 5 £25 @ Dunelm

Decorate your garden with dino footprints, and more dinosaur ornaments!
Dinosaur Footprints Pack of 5 £25 @ Dunelm

We have been loving the Natural History Museum collection at Dunelm, and these new Dinosaur Footprints are the latest addition to the range, letting you add some dino fun to your garden too. They come in a set of five for £25 and we think the kids are going to love them!

Also just added for dinosaur fans is this T-Rex Dinosaur Ornament* for £30 and this Triceratops Dinosaur Ornament* for £25. There's even a new Dinosaur Hunt Set* as well!

T-Rex and Triceratops Garden Ornaments from Dunelm

These dinosaur footprints make a fantastic change from regular garden steeping stones, each one with a different dinosaur footprint carved on them, along with the name of the dino who would have made them.

They're crafted from long-lasting cement, can be placed around your garden to make a fabulous feature or trail, and they're durable so they'll last outdoors.

You can see the rest of the Natural History Museum collection here including bedding, curtains, wallpaper and more.


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