Bush Baby Toddler Backpack With Reins £11.88 @ VUPBaby

Bush Baby Toddler Backpack With Reins £11.88 @ VUPBaby

VUPBaby have an offer on the Bush Baby Toddler Backpack With Reins, selling them at £11.88 instead of £16.

I was always one of those ‘dead against reins on a child’ pre-parenting people, and think I may even have used the words, ‘it’s a child, not a dog’ on one or two occasions. Then, of course, I had  a child, and when she started walking at 8 months, before being able to understand dangers like wandering off and traffic, I quickly dug our backpack with reins out the bottom of a box I’d buried it in, thinking I’d never use it.

I’ve since decided that there’s a difference between reins and a backpack with reins – at least with  a backpack the child thinks they’re responsible for their own luggage – be it a box of raisins or a change of nappies that they have on board – and they still have freedom to explore, but within the safety of your arms reach.

The backpack has a detachable lead rein for the parent to hold, which can be clipped off in a seconds, and an easy access grab handle is useful for emergencies and a reflector for night-time safety. Toys and soothers can be attached easily and there is room for toddlers' prized possessions!

Available in red, green and blue.


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