'All The Furniture You Can Eat': What You Spend In The Cafe You Get Off Your Furniture @ Ikea

'All The Furniture You Can Eat' Offer @ Ikea

Had your eye on some new furniture from Ikea? Then this offer is for you! For a limited time they have brought back the 'All The Furniture You Can Eat' offer, where you can get a meal in the restaurant and whatever you have spent there you get as a discount off your furniture shopping!

It's a great offer, whether you look at it as a free meal, or as a chunk off your shopping, and we can see this one being very popular.

You can find the full terms and conditions of the offer here*, and it applies to evening meals after 5pm, Monday to Friday, and you get get the cost of your meal taken off your next in store purchase of Ikea products over £60.

This offer runs until 27th July 2018. Enjoy your meatballs!


  • Nicola L.

    I still need to try their meatballs lol, does Max still need a bed? :joy:

  • Dan P.

    i could eat a wardrobe worth of meat balls

  • Natalie H.

    Yes!! I want these too xx

  • Amy P.

    Oooh that could be very handy! X

  • Steven B.

    Magical! I sense date night coming on...

  • Toby J.

    They may come to regret that move.

  • Nikki D.

    Yay right when I’m on holiday

  • Rosie J.

    Id pretty much get my furniture for free :joy:

  • Ally J.

    I don’t wanna take kids :joy: but I’ll go haha xx

  • Charlie O.

    That's a brilliant idea x

  • Jenna B.

    I love a good bowl of Ikea meatballs!! Xxx

  • Shannon N.

    Omg I can't wait :pray_tone2::pray_tone2:

  • Matt C.

    Holy shit.. need to eat £400 worth of meatballs

  • Lorna A.

    Got bits n bobs last week.....need to see if anything else

  • Caroline H.

    Ha ha this is like my dream come true

  • Craig S.

    That’s Friday night sorted. :joy::joy:x

  • Elisabeth A.

    You've literally saved my day.

  • Lucy E.

    Bring it on! All you can eat is a dangerous challenge for a pregnant lady. I’m not sure they’ll have enough! X

  • Charlotte A.

    Best get there early then. Do brekkie then the shop then lunch. Rude not to! :joy::joy:

  • Ashley D.

    I can eat a lot of meat balls :thinking:

  • Richie D.

    I can eat loads of meatballs

  • David M.

    Reckon big Scottie could work his way through a few Billy bookcases worth if required.

  • Lawra H.

    Right lassies - I want a new kitchen. Get yersels ready :joy::joy:

  • Liam E.

    A good £50, £75 with the kids

  • Liam E.

    That'll equate to 7 X Billy book cases or 278 vanilla candles

  • Rosa S.

    :joy::joy:oh no now we have to go for this reason alone lol xx

  • Lorraine A.

    Yep! Let’s go tomorrow! Xxx

  • Sandie B.

    I’m thinking of taking a visit there soon x

  • Mike L.

    Those 2.95 full breakfasts ain't gonna get much furniture!

  • Jemma R.

    Well I’ll definitely need to do one soon! It’s running until 27th July!

  • Vicki B.

    It’s gotta be after 5pm tho! X

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