Tesco Halloween Accessories Half Price @ Tesco

Tesco Halloween Accessories Half Price @ Tesco


Suddenly panicking about Halloween tomorrow? Don’t have an Halloween outfits or extras? Well, Tesco currently have a range of Halloween goodies for sale on the site and you can get them delivered by tomorrow!

You’ll find a small spooky skeleton outfit for £7.50, a dancing skeleton for £7.50, an assortment of electronic mummies (hahahahah) for £7.50, a grave raver (no, I don’t know what that is either) for £7.50, assorted 3D hats for £2, children’s 3D hats for £1.50 and adult hats for as little as £1.25.

Halloween hats are down as low as 75p for kids and £1.25 for adults. There is no information as to whether or not you can get these Halloween deals instore but I’m sure that they must be. They will almost certainly have some Halloween items on sale and probably a bigger range than this.

Still, if you think about how much you’re saving on these goodies they are a good buy for next year too.

Thanks to puddlejumper1 at HUKD!


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