Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Kit £3.82 @ Amazon

Amazon are currently selling this Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting kit for £3.82 instead of its usual £12.49.

There's no law which states you have to wait until certain times of year to buy things; in fact, if you do, you'll often end up paying full-price for things or run the risk of them being out of stock by the time you get round to sorting out what you need.

This was the case last year with these Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting kits - they came up on a deal, like they are now, and were out of stock within a matter of hours.

I think we can safely assume that there won't be quite such a mad rush on all things Halloween at the end of June, but you know how quickly this year is going and it will be Halloween before we know it!

If you're of the dressing up for Halloween persuasion then it might be worth buying these Snazaroo Halloween face paints now and putting a note in your diary, close to Halloween, to remind yourself you have them tucked away in a draw somewhere.

Thanks to jmcderm1 at HUKD

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