Halloween Suits From £19.99 @ Argos

Halloween Suits From £19.99 @ Argos

If you want a Halloween Fancy Dress that's a little different these Suitmeister Halloween Suits are amazing, and they're a bargain right now from Argos! They're now priced from just £19.99 to £24.99, and that's much cheaper than the £45 or so you'd pay for the original Opposuits versions! There's two designs to choose from, a Halloween pumpkin one, or a gruesome Skulls style.

You get a Jacket, Trousers and even a matching tie, and they come in sizes S, M L and XL and there are size guidelines in each description so that you can get the right fit.

The smallest size is £19.99, and the rest are £24.99 so they're really good value for money compared to the regular prices of these outfits.

Stock levels look good at the moment, but I would think they're going to sell fast with Halloween approaching, so be quick if you want one!

Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs £3.95.

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  • Adam S.

    Funny enough I’m dressing as a detective so might use one of these XD

  • Katy L.

    Does the man come with the suit? :wink:

  • Danielle H.

    I actually think these look smart x

  • Sam S.

    I do not a bad rice either lol xx

  • Sam S.

    Probs be too smart for the lads tho :see_no_evil::thinking::joy:

  • Kashmir B.

    Yes, and dad loves it too :joy:

  • Jodie B.

    I liked the pumpkin one. Xx

  • Kelsey M.

    He'd probably wear one of them hana xx

  • Simon B.

    Lol I already got my costume sorted :grin:

  • Luke C.

    Ive allready orderd them for us:raised_hands_tone1:

  • Pixie P.

    Awww he'd look awesome in one of these :heart_eyes: where do you keep finding all these amazing things! :joy:

  • Jay D.

    ‘I want that one’ :ok_hand_tone3::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Michelle S.

    Scott would wear that all year round :joy:

  • Gareth R.

    I think I'd take the day away from the bride in this lol

  • Jayne C.

    Can't wait to see this :joy::joy:

  • Matthew D.

    Na, just the Christmas one. Thanks.

  • Katie B.

    He would actually wear that

  • Caryl P.

    We are going to Tenby next weekend & staying in a yurt!! Everyone has told me we are bonkers for staying in a yurt st the end of October but we're giving it a go :joy::tent:

  • Victoria V.

    There was me thinking you'd dress up for the occasion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Andy T.

    Already have the middle one. Another new one on order for a Halloween wedding next weekend. :thumbsup::kissing_heart:

  • Adam P.

    I think I'm more of a skull man... no idea about size :joy:

  • Paul W.

    All over it like a cheap suit. Wait...

  • Adam P.

    If I had that suit I don't think I'd be at the disco. I'd have 'no body' to go with

  • Martin R.

    Definitely in need of a new suit! xxx

  • Becca B.

    A Halloween one too!!! :raised_hands_tone2:

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