Five Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween

Effective designs that don't require an art degree...
Five Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween

The supermarkets are full of them. I am talking about those giant, orange pumpkins. Halloween just wouldn't be the same without them. Some people can really carve them well, but it can be so tricky. Check out our "Five Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween".

1. Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

I ditch knives and carving tools once I have scraped out the pumpkin, and grab metal cookie cutters and a hammer. It might sound scary but it's the easiest and most effective way to make your pumpkin stand out without being skilful.

2. Cat

cat design pumpkin

This couldn't be any simpler - even the kids can do it with ease. Score two triangles for the ears, a square for the nose, use an apple corer for perfectly round eyes and thinner, longer triangles for the whiskers - two each side will do. Once you have scored out your outlines, go in with a knife or Pumpkin Carving Tool* to cut out those bits.

3. Owl

owl pumpkin

This looks great but isn't difficult at all. Get a pen though so you can draw on your shapes first. Sketch two tear shape eyes (horizontally) then a semi circle at the top of those shapes. You want to cut around those so the owl has pupils. In between the eyes, you need a small triangle for the beak. Under the facial features draw four triangles in a horizontal line and then underneath another three. You can start carving now or you can add a couple semi circles at the sides for wings.

4. Spiderman

Spiderman carved pumpkin

This is one of my favourites to do. It looks freakin' awesome but requires very little skill. Get a fine nib pen and sketch a spiderweb to cover one side of the pumpkin. Now, you need to draw the eyes, two triangles - curved like horns rather than straight ones. Cut the eyes out with a knife or Carving Tool and then deeply score over the web you have drawn. Careful not to puncture right through though.

5. Drilling

drilled pumpkins

Using a drill to carve pumpkins is so effective, but it's not for kids to do. If you have loads of pumpkins to do or want something rather fancy but you aren't very creative, then the drill is the way forward. Stick to polka-dots or make flowers/stars with it.

As with any activities that require a knife or cutting tool adult supervision is a must, or let the kids scoop out the middle and you do the cutting.

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  • Claire J.

    I know it's simple but the owl is cute x

    • Jamie R.

      I think we could do the cat one quite easy :grin:

      • Jenna J.

        I've never carved one before.... I think I'll probably end up going for something beyond my capabilities :joy:

        • Danielle C.

          I’ve literally pled for a pumpkin today but they’re all soft and a bit mushy! Probably been battered to bits!

          • Samantha H.

            I got 2 in morrisons. They were funny on one side but one good side for carving x

            • Roxanne H.

              i like the drill one! Looks good doesn't it

              • Patsy H.

                Sean would be delighted with the drilling one :thumbsup::jack_o_lantern::thumbsup::jack_o_lantern: