Photo Family Time Frame Clock £11.99 @ Amazon

Photo Family Time Frame Clock £11.99 @ Amazon


There’s 62% off the coloured and silver Photo Family Time Frame Clock at Amazon, bringing them to a much  more reasonable £11.25. (There’s also a black frame with 33% off, a £10 saving, making it £19.99.)

My hubby won't let me buy a  Photo Family Time Frame Clock, so Emma and I have come up with a plan: she's going to spring for a quicky internet divorce, and her and I will set up house together, somewhere where we can have one of these on the wall.   Such is the banter in PlayPennies HQ today (and how rumours start!)

Made up of 12 photo frames in either black, silver or multi-coloured, there are four frames of 4x6.5 cm and 8 frames of 4x4cm.  All in it’s  quite large, and would make a lovely centrepiece above the fireplace – or a random wall if you don’t have a fireplace. I think the colourful one would be a beautiful addition to a child’s room too. One of the reviewers actually had their children hold numbers up to their faces and took pictures, so that the clock now has numbers for telling the time, which I thought was a brilliant idea.

The Photo Family Time Frame Clock has 131 5-star reviews on Amazon, a few inbetween and only six 1-star reviews.  Complaints are about the clock being noisy, the pictures being small and the face having branding on, despite not showing on the pictures. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for everyone though. Most absolutely love it.

As, I’m sure, shall Emma and I!

Thanks to moneysaverboy @ HUKD


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  • Emma K.
    When we move in together, I'd have to insist that we get the coloured one though... if not, no deal!