Whack A Mole Mania £7.19 @ Asda

Asda are selling this Whack A Mole Mania game for £7.19 rather than its £14.97 full price.

Whack A Mike Mania is a new spin on the traditional Whack A Mole game - if it's anything like the original mole smacking game, tons of fun is absolutely guaranteed!

Here's what you need to do: grab a mallet and bash the lever at the base of the play set. With every wallop, moles fly out of the molehill and onto the ground, which you then have to catch with your mallet that has special mole-catching powers.

If you're the first player to fill your mallet with moles, causing your 'mallet' mole marker to reach all the way to the top, you WIN!   There are three different levels of play, so you can adapt it to suit the whole family; awesome!

My youngest son Edward would have loved this a couple of years ago; we used to spend hours playing Whack A Mole at the local soft play place when he was smaller.  Aside from all the giggling it produces, it's a fab game for developing hand eye coordination, along with honing your reflex speed too.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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