Monopoly Millionaire £11.29 @ Amazon

30 March 2013

The boardgame Monopoly Millionaire is reduced by 44% at the moment, and is selling for £11.29 instead of £19.99. It was even less - £8.98 - earlier today so if you're interested, don't dally as it can probably only go up at this point.

My mother always taught us a combination of 'you reap what you sow' and 'what comes around goes around' and for me, Monopoly bore out her words. As a child, my brother would painstakingly set up the Monopoly board, and put everything in it's place, then go around the house asking us all one by one if we'd play with him. Monopoly being such a time consuming game, we never did, and I still feel bad about it every time I see a Monopoly board! Now I love various board games and love the idea of family nights in, playing games, but my husband isn't a fan, so we rarely do. What comes around, goes around.
Anyway, assuming not everyone has this guilty hangup with Monopoly, here's some info on Monopoly Millionaire:
Monopoly Millionaire is similar to the original, except everything is worth a lot more, and there are more ways to play. You pay rent, buy houses, collect your salary and buy properties just like the classic Monopoly game. But in Monopoly Millionaire, there's no need to bankrupt everybody--the first player to make a million dollars wins, making the game faster than the classic. 
So, if your problems are similar to mine, try this version of the game instead!

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