Hungry Hungry Hippos Game £4.99 @ John Lewis

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game £4.99 @ John Lewis

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Look here! A proper blast from the past. Come relive your childhood with the Hungry Hungry Hippos game from John Lewis. It is only £4.99, and I think you will agree that this is a flaming bargain for such an amazing game.

It sure is noisy but it’s just so much fun. I am yet to meet a child that does not LOVE this game. For those of you that don’t know what the jist of the game is here’s a brief explanation. The marbles are dropped into the middle arena and each player has a hippo that they must press down on in order to make them gobble up the marbles, the winner is determined by the hippo that consumed the most.

It’s certainly simple but it really is entertaining. It can be played with two players right up to four and is not suitable for three years and younger due to the small parts. However, I am sure you will agree that this game has no upper age limit at all, and is hilarious to pull out at dinner parties when the kids are in bed.

The Hungry Hungry Hippos game is free to collect from your local John Lewis store or why not collect it from your nearest Waitrose? Delivery is an option at £3.

Thanks to mobjw @ HUKD


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