Guess Who Extra £12.99 @ Amazon

Guess Who Extra £12.99 @ Amazon

guessWhoExtraThis Guess Who Extra game, from Hasbro, looks like lots of fun; it's on sale at Amazon for £12.99 instead of £19.99.

I first remember playing the original Guess Who with my cousin, we must have been about six and seven and it was a firm favourite.

I just loved everything about it; trying to figure out the best questions to get rid of the maximum number of people as possible before she guessed who I had.

This extra twist on Guess Who - hence being called 'Guess Who Extra' (it must have taken HOURS in a boardroom to come up with that) - is the same but with the modern necessity of sounds.

Your opponent asks you a question, "Does your person wear a hat?" and instead of saying yes or no out press the yes or no button (that emit appropriate noises) to respond

There are also different sets of character cards that can be used - there's an animal set which would require a whole new set of questions to be asked, such as, "Does your animal live in water?"

If you like the original Guess Who then you'll probably like this one too.

Happy Guessing!


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