Giant Pass The Pigs £12.99 @ Argos

19 December 2012

OHHHHH my goodness, I'm properly excited!  Argos are selling Giant Pass the Pigs for £12.99.

It's not Argos selling Giant Pass the Pigs for £12.99 that has me excited - it's the fact that Giant Pass the Pigs exists at all!  I've not come across it before and I. WANT. IT!!

I've written lyrical about Pass the Pigs plenty of times before - I STILL believe that whomever dreamt it up had been having a merry old time on the cooking sherry, and it's still one of the games that's the most fun to play.

If you've never played Pass the Pigs, here's a quick piggy 101:

You don't play with dice when you play Pass the Pigs, you roll pigs instead and your objective is to score 100 points before anyone else - how the pigs land determines the number of points you score:  roll a Double Snouter, you score 40 points; roll a trotter and you'll get 5 points.

It won't all be plain sailing though because you need to decide whether to bank your points, and hand the pigs over to the next player, or keep rolling and risk losing them. You see, if you roll a Pig Out you'll lose all your points for that turn; what's worse, roll a Makin’ Bacon and you'll lose ALL your points!

NOW imagine playing that with GIANT inflatable pigs!  My goodness, it would be AWESOME!

Giant Pass the Pigs isn't available for in-store collection (gulp!) but it is up for free home delivery within four days:  four days - if you order today and keep your fingers crossed then you might be lucky and have it in time for Christmas day.

If you don't need it for Christmas day, and are happy for it to arrive when it arrives, then you don't need to cross anything.

Thanks to otdmum at HUKD

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